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Face Masks Are Urged


In a pandemic, simple steps help and protect lives. We can all be heroes. Remember, take ALL steps to best prevent getting and spreading #COVID19:

🏡Stay home when possible
↔️Stay 6 feet apart from others
😷Wear a face covering in public
🙌Wash your hands often
🤒If sick, get tested then stay home
🧼Clean your surroundings
🤧Cover coughs and sneezes
👉Don't touch your face
❤️Together for a #HealthyTexas

Important and useful #COVID19 info and links:
Open Texas Checklists: open.texas.gov
Testing near you: covidtest.tdem.texas.gov
COVID-19 symptoms: http://bit.ly/2IV3uRh
Caring for someone sick: https://bit.ly/2wf7sS7
All #COVID19TX info: dshs.texas.gov/coronavirus