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Clarion Call Christian Gathering Detailed

The Clarion Call for 14K Christians was a vision of Pastor Ronnie (retired Lieutenant General – Air Force) and Maria Hawkins to bring together both Christians and (unchurched/unsaved), to celebrate Psalm 133 – “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is For brethren to dwell together in unity!

Clarion means loud and clear and a clarion call is a call to something that is hard to ignore. A strong request for something to happen – usually singular.

The program format will be that of a football game with 4 (four quarters) and a half-time. Speakers will include San Angelo Diocese Bishop Michael Sis, Bishop Joseph L. Garlington, Sr., PhD who is the Senior Pastor of Covenant Church of Pittsburgh, a multiracial and cross-cultural community of more than three thousand members, which he founded with his wife, Barbara, in 1971. Minster Gloria Pope, Galilee Missionary Baptist Church, San Angelo, Texas with her husband Pastor John Pope they’ve become prominent members in our community. We also have extended invitations to other potential speakers.

Additionally, there will be access to on-site opportunities to talk for any participant, access to prayer booths/hand-outs/hotlines/follow-up outreach. 

The program will consist of fellowship through music and song, prayers, sharing the Word of Christ, and revealing the reality of having a Christ-like journey in the spirit of the love of Christ.

There is no political agenda or no desire to place one denomination of believers in Christ above or below another. Our hope is to increase communication between churches of various denominations, and develop avenues of building relationships between churches and nonprofits.

The plan is to create a diverse program addressing the many aspects of our community.